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Current Meeting

    March 12, 2019
    The Ingleside Hotel
    Pewaukee WI

    "Surviving A System's Implementation Upgrade"

    Led by representatives from Johnsonville, LLC, Briggs & Stratton Corp, Perlick Corp and Weir Minerals, all of whom have been active in their company's Implement Upgrade and SURVIVED will walk you through the process they endured from beginning to end. This was no easy endeavor. During this no-frills, roll-up-your sleeves workshop, we will look at:

    - How companies began this global vision and how that vision was communicated
    - What steps were taken to train global staff
    - The implementation
    - Where they are today
    - Training and change management
    - Encountering negativity
    - The process of change and personalities
    - Credit/collections process design
    - End-user process managing team to follow the implementation
    - Accounting for other departments in order-to-cash cycle

    Click here for meeting information.
    Click here for a list of attendees.
    Click here to register online.

    Attendance at the ICE Meetings is open to others from your company.  Please make this notice available to them if they too will benefit.

    This session will be of interest to many functional areas and personnel in your offices.   Business casual is appropriate.  Questions, please contact Dianna at 262/827-2880 Extension 225 ~ Detailed directions will be provided with confirmation to attendees.

    For a list of currently scheduled upcoming meetings, please click here.

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    Here's What You've Missed - Our Previous Meetings

    2018 Events

"What Will Influence Our 2018 Business Decisions? " in January
"NAFTA & Other U.S. Free Trade Agreements & Protecting Wisconsin From Cyber Threat" in March
"Letters of Credit" ~ Advanced & Basic LC Track in May
Mastermind Roundtable Discussion in July
Incoterms 2010 in September
"Tariffs-Their Impact On The Way We Do Business Today" In November

2017 Events

"Customs Compliance & Country Region Review & Open Discussion" in January
"2017 Year of the Rooster: Time for Global Economy to Wake Up?" in March
"Comprehensive International Credit and Collection Strategies" in May
"Case-Study Roundtable Discussion Problem Solving Session" In July
"Most Common Ways to Get Paid Internationally" in September
"Orchestrating a Symphony of International Credit and Sales" & "Walking the Tightrope as a Credit Manager: Growing Your Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)" in November

2016 Events

"Logistics & Security - Moving Product, People & Information Safely & Effectively" in November
" Get It Done" in September
"WORLD OUTLOOK 2016-2017, You Need To Know!" in July
"INCOTERMS 2010" in May
"Wisconsin International Trade Day" in May
"Export Compliance" Led by Paul DiVecchio in March
"International Credit Policy" & "Cyber Crime" in January

2015 Events

"Letters of Credit" 2 Concurrent Sessions: Basic & Advanced in November
"Cultural Differences and Their Affect on Customer Relationships--Improving Sales & Collections" in September
"Tour de Global Economy: Reasons to Panic and Reasons Not To" Led by Chris Kuehl in July
"Best Practices in Getting Paid" in May
"Wisconsin International Trade Day" in May
"Best Practices to Standardize Vettign Your Worldwide Partners" in March
"The Credit Environment Around The World" Led by Dr. Hans Belcsak in January

2014 Events

"Legal Aspects of Global Trade" in November
"The End of the End of History--An Economic Update" in September
"International Collections" in the morning and Mastermind International Roundtables in the afternoon in July
"International Trade Day Conference" in May
Letters of Credit" 2 Concurrent Sessions: Basic & Advanced in March
"Understanding Global Logistics--Avoiding Payment Delays" 1/22

2013 Events

"Been Down so Long--Feels Like Up to Me" Led by Chris Kuehl
"The Compliance Fear Factor" 9/11
"Africa--The Emerging Frontier" 7/13
"49th Annual Wisconsin International Trade Conference" 5/7
"Incoterms 2010 Seminar" Led by Frank Reynolds 3/12
"Hello, I am with he Government & here to Help, Truly!" 1/23

2012 Events

"An overview of the U.S. & Global Economies" and "Insuring Your Global Assets & Liabilities" 11/13
"YES, Canada is an Export" 9/11
"Letters of Credit Programs" 7/18
"Global Treasury & Foreign Exchange Management" 3/20
"2012 Year of the Economic Dragon" led by Chris Kuehl, 1/25

2011 Events

"Incoterms 2010 Seminar" Led by Frank Reynolds, 11/13
"Legal Aspects of Trade & International Credit Management� 9/27
"Turmoil & Change in the Middle East, North Africa, & Other hot Spots" 7/19
"Export Compliance / Export Reform - U.S. Industry Must Stay Informed & Engaged" 3/23 -Led by Paul DiVecchio, founder and managing partner of DiVecchio & Associates
"New Year--New Opportunities" 1/20 - A U.S. Economic Update led by Dan North, Chief Economist and a Region Review of Countries in Southeast Asia

2010 Events

"Expanding Your Company's Export Sales Using the Support of Public & Private Sector Credit Programs" 11/16
"Opportunities & Challenges in Mexico & LATAM" 9/14
"Eliminating the Mystique of a Letter of Credit" Led by Roy Becker 7/20
"Combined World Trade Day Event" Led by Various Speakers, 5/11
"OBAMA AFTER YEAR ONE - ARE YOU STILL STIMULATED?" Led by Menzie Chinn & "Maintaining Brand Consistency in a Global Market" Led by Linda Gorchels, 3/16
"Incoterms 2000 for International & Domestic Trade" Led by Frank Reynolds, 1/19

2009 Events

The NAFTA Super Highway & Other Free-Trade Agreements, 11/10
"Best Practices in LC'S" Led by Various Speakers, 9/23
"LATIN AMERICA--Back to the Future" Led by Various Speakers, 7/15
"Combined World Trade Day Event" Led by Various Speakers, 5/12
"Measures of Performance & Management Reports" Led by Lyle Wallis, VP Research, Credit Research Foundation (CRF), 3/10
"Competitive Export Financing--Seizing The Robust US Export Economy" 1/20

2008 Events

"Are We There Yet?--An Assessment of What Has Either Been The End of The World or as Close as We Want To Come To It Led by Chris Kuehl, 11/13
"China Post Olympics" Led by Roger Heng, Beijing, 9/17
"Export Compliance is Hot Hot Hot!" Led by Paul DiVecchio, 7/15
"Combined World Trade Day Event" Led by Various Speakers, 5/13
"A Gateway to Business in North Africa" Led by Jim Walker, 3/18
"Global Supply Chain Management" Led by Various Speakers, 1/23

2007 Events

"Incoterms 2000" Led by Frank Reynolds, 11/13
"World Economic Update With Chris Kuehl", 9/18
"Oops, Poops, & Doops" (Collections, Risk, & Fraud), 7/19
"43rd Annual Wisconsin Trade Conference, 5/15
"Global Country & Region Risk Assessment", 3/13
"Eliminating The Mystique of a Letter of Credit", 1/17

2006 Events

"The Competitive Edge of Export Compliance", 11/9
"Does Your Dog Bite? ~ Global Update" & "Mexico and Canada Border Issues", 9/12
"International Credit Policy in an Open-Account World", 7/19
"42nd Annual Wisconsin Trade Conference", 5/9
"Using Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator: Work Well with Others and Understand the Self" and "Region Review: Mexico", 3/24
"Export Compliance: Real Challenges, Practical Solutions", 1/24

2005 Events

An All-Day Look at Doing Business in India, 11/16
Value Stream Mapping, 9/28
Incoterms 2000, 7/27
Annual Update from State's Overseas' Directors & Milwaukee World Trade Conference, 5/17
Weaving Credit Management into the Sarbanes-Oxley Fabric, 3/15
Global Risks - 2005: The Year of The Rooster Gets Set to Crow, 1/26

2004 Events

Beyond the Basics: A Fresh Approach to Letters of Credit, 11/18
The World, According to Hans Belcsak, 9/14
Credit Insurance: Is it Time?, 7/13
Annual Update from State's Overseas' Directors & Milwaukee World Trade Conference, 5/18
What Must I Do to Score and What Are the Results?, 3/26
International Documentation and Process Management - From Hot Seat to Hero & Payment Terms and Their Effect on Documents - Documemts Required to Get Paid, 1/22

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Association Events

ICE is administered by the Business Credit Management Association - Wisconsin. Additional educational events and services are part of the benefits afforded to professionals in the credit, collection and finance fields. Visit the Wisconsin Credit Association's Website for more information!

"ICE" Group Advisory Board and Members are instrumental in the determination of upcoming educational programs and world region reviews.  Who better than the individuals dealing with day-to-day issues to set the agenda for issues most important?!



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